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Tips For Getting Vine Followers

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buy vine-followersFacebook and Twitter are the biggest forms of social media on earth, however another site follows not too far behind–Vine. Vine gives it users the ability to create short video loops of whatever they wish. Just like Facebook and Twitter, Vine also gives its users the ability to gain popularity by collecting followers. If you are interested in signing up an gaining Vine followers, then lets take a look at a few tips of how to do so.

Post Vine Each Day

One of the best and most common sense approaches to gaining more Vine followers and get the word out about your account is to post videos often. Those who have the most followers are the ones who post a lot of videos and on a consistent basis. This allows us others to share more of your content and if they like it, they add you to their list.

Follow Others

If you would like someone to follow you, then you should consider following them first. It is somewhat an act of good faith. You did something nice for someone else, so they feel they need to repay the favor. This allows you to create your own audience.

Comment On Other’s Videos

Its easy to get attention when you take the time to make comments on other people’s videos. Make sure that your comments is relevant to the content. Avoid spamming them with links back to your site.

Tell Your Friends

Talk to all of your friends about your account. People rarely think about telling their “real life” friends about their Vine accounts. Tell them to add you if they have an account. This creates a chain affect, because people tend to add the friends of their friends as well. Its simple networking.

Tweet About Your Vines

Engage you twitter followers with your vine videos. Post your videos to twitter with funny captions. This way, when your twitter audience grows, your Vine account has the ability to gain more exposure and followers as well.

Make Vines In Groups

Get together with a bunch of your friends or other Vine friends and make a joint video. This reaches a much bigger audience. All of your Vine followers will become aware of each of your accounts and start to follow you. If there are five of you and each of you start with 500 followers, when you make a joint video you stand the chance of inheriting 2000 more followers.


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Nov 30, 2014